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Space Structures

The research group consists of 6 faculty members in the center, including 5 professors and 1 associate professor.

Director: ZHOU Dai



Mr. DONG Shilin: Professor

Member of the Chinese Academy of Engieering
Research Interests: thin-shell structure,spatial grid structure,tension structure,tower mast structure,etc.

Dr. CHEN Wujun: Professor

Research Interests: structural analysis theory, key design technology and application of large span steel structures, lightweight cable and membrane structure, deployable space structure and Gossamer spacecraft, near space craft, LTA structure

Dr. FU Gongyi: Professor

Research Interests: steel structure theory and design methods, the stratosphere airship design technology, nonlinear stability characteristic research of Large-span spatial structure and its design applications, etc.

Dr. ZHOU Dai: Professor

Research Interests: interaction between wind/fluid and structures, structural wind engineering and structural vibration control as well as analysis and design of long span spatial structures and steel structures.

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