State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering

  The year 1992 witnessed the inauguration and official approval of the State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering. Ever since it is opening to the public in 1993, the Laboratory has been evolving into a scientific research platform very well known at home and abroad in the field of navalarchitecture and ocean engineering. The Laboratory is presently a comprehensive research center mainly composed deepwater offshorebasin, ocean engineering basin, ship model towing tank, cavitation tunnel, ship maneuvering laboratory, structural mechanics laboratory and underwater engineering tank.

  The work of the State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering is managed by the director and appraised by the academic committee which consists of famous experts of ocean engineering. There are now 76 staff members in the Laboratory. Currently, the director of the Laboratory is Prof.YangJianminand the chairman of the academic committee is Prof. WuYoushen, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

  The laboratory is mainly engaged in the following researches: Major mechanics‘ problems in Ocean Engineering, Design theory and method of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, marine biotechnology and engineering, Renewable ocean energy, and etc.

  Since its establishment, the Laboratory has been actively involved in conducting a significant amount of basic scientific exploration and large scale technical engineering research, which has enabled the Laboratory to develop its distinctive research profile and elevate it to reach an international standard. Internationally, the Laboratory exerted its strength to bid for and successfully accomplished over dozens of engineering projects in open international competition; this in return brought a substantial international prestige to the Laboratory. 

  Laboratory Director: Prof. Yang Jianmin  Tel: +86-21-34206420  Email:


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