Experimental Center of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  The Experimental Center of Civil Engineering and Architecture mainly serves the disciplines of Civil Engineering and Architecture in teaching and researching work, and it also has strong abilities to develop new techniques and the integrated abilities to offer technical service for the outside. The center occupies a construction area of 3,000 square meters, running the following laboratories: Engineering Structure Laboratory, Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Construction Material Laboratory, Engineering Survey Laboratory, Disaster Prevention Engineering Laboratory, Earth Engineering Laboratory, Architecture Technology Discipline, and etc.. The center is equipped with the following advanced facilities: RMT geotechnical mechanics experiment system, GDS earth mechanics experiment system, movable triple-axes meter, high pressure solidifying meter, structure testing large-size reaction wall, MTS virtual power experiment system and construction physics experiment system. 

  The Engineering Structure Laboratory covers an area of 1000 square meters, and has experiment equipments as follows: a large reacting-force wall (9.5 meters in height, 9 meters in width, and 1.75 meters in thickness) with the horizontal load of 200KN; 3 sets of different vertical reaction force device; the bridge crane with the deadweight tonnage of 16 t; 2 sets of MTS243.45 hydraulic pressure servo loading system; static strain testing system and dynamic strain testing system. 

  The Earth Engineering Laboratory has the high pressure oedometer apparatus, direct shear instrument, static triaxial apparatus, GDS static triaxial apparatus, RMT-150B geotechnical testing system, and 3D laser scanner LSV654, etc.  

  At present, supported by National “211 Project”, “985 Project”, the Laboratory is actively preparing equipments such as wind tunnel tests, large-scale shaking table tests, and drum centrifuge tests etc. 

  Laboratory director: Zhang Dexuan  Tel: 86-21- 54745442  Email: dxzhang@sjtu.edu.cn


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