Deepwater Offshore Basin

    The deepwater offshore basin includes the deepwater offshore basin in the Minhang campus,and the ocean engineering basin in the Xuhui campus. 

  The deepwater offshore basin can reproduce complex deep sea environments such as large range hurricanes,three-dimentional irregular waves,various types of extraordinary waves as well as typical deep water currents with vertical fliud velocity profile.It can also simulate various dynamic characteristics and engineering phenomena of ship and ocean engineering structures in deep sea enviroment,measure and analyze the load,motion and structural dynamic response of research objects under deep sea environmental condition. 

  The ocean engineering water tank can simulate various ocean environment conditions such as wind,wave and current.Various performance of different kinds of offshore structures can be tested in the basin. 

  The deepwater offshore basin completed in 2008 is 50m in length, 40m in width and 10m in maximum effective water depth. A large-area movable bottom allows the flexible modeling of water depth from 0m-10m. A deep pit in the basin with 40.0m of total water depth allows the modeling of water depth up to 4000m for vertically moored structures. A secondary movable bottom in the deep pit also allows the modeling of intermediate water depth. A large span X-Y direction carriage is over the complete width of the basin. 

  Laboratory director: Peng Tao   Tel: +86-21-34207050 



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