Structural Mechanics

    The laboratory facility was extended in the middle of 1980‘s. A structural static and dynamic loading system MTS (US) was introduced. Conjugated with two 490KN hydraulic actuators tanks and 9m*15m test platform, in-time control and analysis with 2 channels can be realized, by which, static dynamic and fatigue tests for large structures can be carried out. In addition, other experimental facilities include two set instruments of photoelasticity instruments, two sets of data gathering system, electric magnetic exciters from 9.8N to 490N, etc.

   In 1990’s, with the renewal of the structural mechanics laboratory, new equipments and instruments were introduced, including some advanced computer stations, LMS Cada-X in-time structural dynamic signal gathering and analysis system with multi-channel, stimulation device for the multi-freedom sloshing of tanker, static strain gages instrument with multi-channel, portable static strain gage instrument, and many modern structural analysis codes (such as MSC/NASTRAN, MSC/DYTRAN, SYSNOISE, SESAM, SAFEHULL, SHIPREGHT, ANAYSYS etc.). A comprehensive test and analysis system now exists. 

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  MTS structural dynamic loading system


  Fatigue test equipment of riser


  Three-degree-of-freedom tank sloshing simulation equipment


  Multichannel static loading system and large structural test platform and reaction frame

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