Cavitation Tunnel

     The Cavitation Tunnel Laboratory was completed in 1979, and reconstructed on Minhang Campus of SJTU in 2010. The lab possesses the low turbulence, low background noise environment and could conduct high-precision control and measurement.


  Based on ship models, dummies, or wire mesh screens, the research of the lab ranges from research on hydrodynamics, cavitation, pressure excitation, and radiated noise of open, ducted, and contra-rotating propellers, podded and pump-jet propulsors, to experimental research on hydrodynamics, cavitation, and radiated noise of hydrofoils, high speed underwater vehicles, and ship appendages. Study on fundamental problems such as complicated flow phenomena, mechanism of cavitation, and scale effect of propulsors are also conducted.


  Director: Yang Chenjun  Tel: +86-21-62933306  Email:




  The Cavitation Tunnel on Xuhui Campus of SJTU


  The Cavitation Tunnel on Minhang Campus of SJTU

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