Underwater Engineering

     The Laboratory of Underwater Engineering is a complete underwater vehicle research and development center including all kinds of laboratories related to underwater vehicle. The dimensions of the underwater engineering testing tank are 12m×8m×10m. The tank has an adjustable artificial bottom and current generation equipments, which can be used for submersible underwater positioning control and propeller experiment. 

  With the most complete deep-sea environment simulator, the laboratory is qualified for experiments of deep-sea and large equipments. The laboratory has comprehensive simulation system of deep-sea pressure environment, main devices of which includes four deep-sea environment simulator which can be used separately in 2000m, 4000m depth and 110MPa, 180MPa environment, with hydraulic power source, testing and observation equipments. 

  The deep-sea launching & recovery simulating experiment system in the laboratory can simulate ship stern heaving and measure the load condition of tether cable between ROV and TMS; the ROV experimental platform system includes SJT10,PHANTUM HD2+2,MM-01,underwater self reconfigurable robot, etc., providing support for the performance or the experiment. 

  Laboratory director: Ge Tong  Tel: +86-21-34203373  Email: tongge@sjtu.edu.cn



1、Submersible maneuverability basin:Length 12m, width 8m, depth 10m




2、Comprehensive simulation system of deep-sea pressure environment



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