Marine Engineering

       Marine Engineering Laboratory covers an area of 1100 square meters, has a combine diesel and diesel propulsion plant test bench, diesel engine performance test bench, electric drive control test rig, vibration and noise spectrum analysis test rig, hydraulic coupling performance test platform, pump performance test-bed , automatic adjustment system test bench, diesel fuel injector spray test rig, devices for fuel development and property analysis, and constant volume high pressure combustion vessel, high speed CMOS camera, for spray combustion characterization.   

Director: Wei-Jing Zhang  Tel: 021-34208029  Email:


diesel engine performance test bench


diesel fuel injector spray test rig    


 A dynamic absorber devised for vibration control of one hoist motor of a crane. The motor has the weight of 2170kg and the maximum rotationary speed of 2000r/pm; the absorber has a mass of 62kg

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