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Ship Hydrodynamics

The research group consists of 7 faculty members in the team, including 3 professors, 2 associate professors, and 2 lecturer.


Director: ZOU Zaojian

Tel: 86-21-34204255



Dr. MIAO Guoping: Professor

Research Interests: wave load and motion response of ship and marine structures, wave dynamics and its engineering application (hydrodynamic noise)

Dr. ZHU Renchuan: Professor

Research Interests: motion response and load forecast of ships, hydrodynamics of ship and ocean structures, performance study on ocean engineering structures, the application of CFD in naval architecture and ocean engineering

Dr. ZOU Zaojian: Professor

Research Interests: manoeuvring and control of ships and other marine vehicles, numerical model basin and its application in design of ships and marine structures, application of artificial intelligence technology in marine hydrodynamics

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