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Solid Mechanics

The research group consists of 16 faculty members in this team, including 6 professors, 9 associate professors, and 1 lecturer.

Director: QIAO Pizhong

Tel: 86-21-34207649



Dr. FENG Miaolin: Professor

Research Interests: fatigue and fracture mechanics, multi-scale mechanics, and computational solid mechanics, mainly on cyclic plastic constitutive under multi-axial loading, fatigue crack propagation, discrete dislocation dynamics and its application in cyclic plasticity simulation, homogenization method and its application, incompatible and hybrid finite element method, and extended finite element method

Dr.LI Zhonghua: Professor

Research Interests: mechanical behavior of materials and structures, including defect evolution and healing, interactions between defects, fracture and fatigue, creep, etc..

Dr. QIAO Pizhong: Professor

Research Interests: composite and smart materials, structural health monitoring, applied and analytical mechanics, high performance and new structural materials.

Mr.WANG Xi: Professor

Research Interets: mechanical property of new materials, delamination fracture and buckling for composite structure under thermal and mechanical loads, applications for stress wave theory in engineering and dynamic strength of structures, energy absorption of composite structures, etc.

Dr. XU Jinquan: Professor

Research Interests: mechanics of interface, strength theory of materials, mechanics of fatigue

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