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NAOCE Alumni Celebrates SJTU’s 121st Anniversary


In such a fantastic spring time, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) celebrated its 121st anniversary on April 8th. More than 200 Alumni of School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering (NAOCE), coming from all corners of the country, got together at SJTU, sending the best wishes to their alma mater, recalling the past school life, giving donations and looking into the future of SJTU.

SJTU celebration ceremony was held at Huo Yingdong Sports Center in Minhang Campus in the morning. During the ceremony, the host interviewed the NAOCE alumni, including ZHANG Guangqin, FAN Younan, CAI Fengxian and LI Zhushi. ZHANG Guangqin recalled the unmemorable campus life and showed heartfelt thanks to his former teachers and the school’s cultivating. He said, after graduation, all his fellow classmates chose to work in the place where our country needed them and were fully devoted to their positions, which was totally the spirit of SJTUers. FAN Younian stated that the present study condition was much more superior to the past and expressed his hope that SJTUers could continue to strengthen and explore new research areas so as to give full support to the national 13th Five-Year Plan. CAI Fengxian recalled that he chose the Shipbuilding major out of the belief that we should protect our national long coastlines and definitely live up to parents’ and our nation’s expectations. Department of Shipbuilding was then the first department of SJTU, LI Zhu said proudly, the great study spirit had provided for them the solid professional foundation and they still enjoyed returning to their alma mater at every anniversary celebration, even though they could meet each other very often on usual days.

The awarding ceremonies for 2017 Principal Award, the Distinguished Alumni Award and 2017 Siyuan Contribution Award were also held in the morning. Prof. ZHOU Dai, who has made a lot of scientific research contributions to Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan where he took a temporary post, was awarded the 2017 Principal Award. HAN Hongying won the 2017 Siyuan Contribution Award, who graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 1996, and established SJTU, Government and Social Capital Cooperation and Research Center Development Fund which positively promoted PPP project reform and innovation.

In the afternoon, LIN Zhongqiin, the President, Vice Secretary of the University Party Committee, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, WU Dan, the Vice President, and all the homecoming NAOCE Alumni took a group photo in front of Ruth Mulan Chuchao Building. LIN Zhongqin delivered the warm welcome, gave a speech and looked at the history, the present as well as the future of NAOCE, and also expressed his hope that all experts of NAOCE alumni could make further contributions to the development of Shipbuilding industry.

Later then, in the School Situation Report, hosted by Prof. QIAO Pizhong, the Vice Dean of NAOCE, a general school introduction was given by YANG Jianmin, the Dean of NAOCE, from such perspectives as academic settings, faculty team, scientific research, talents cultivating and international exchange, and also expressed the hope that all the NAOCErs could carry on the great spirits shown by their predecessors and move forward together.

MA Tao , on behalf of the alumni who graduated from the Department of Shipbuilding in 1967, donated the ship model to NAOCE and encouraged NAOCErs to keep on fighting and scaling the heights. And then, the alumni also visited the Multifunctional Towing Tank, Wind Tunnel-circulating Water Channel, and Deepwater Offshore Basin, etc., where they had learned more about the latest research results and the most advanced shipbuilding equipment.

Besides, the Intelligent Green Unmanned Craft Civil-military Integration Development Strategy Seminar and Technical Forum was held in the morning and ZHU Yingfu, the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), GENG Guangsheng, Chinese Major General, SHEN Huairong, Chinese Major General, and leaders from the Science and Technology Department of Ministry of Education attended the meeting. The Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Alumni Seminar was also held in the afternoon, moderated by Prof. HU Hao, Head of Dept. of International Shipping and Prof. LV Shoujun of China Institute of Urban Governance.

The 10th anniversary class of 2007 graduates of Civil Engineering Dept. were called on by CHEN Longzhu, the former Dept. Head, and SHEN Shuilong, the present Dept. Head, to get together in the class meeting moderated by YANG Jianjun, the Vice Secretary of the CPC of NAOCE.

The 121st anniversary celebration day came to the end as the alumni went back to their home and positions, but the sense of pride for their university and the commitment to a great course of all the SJTUers will never end.


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