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“Ocean Dreams” — 2018 International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics


  I. Overview

  Naval architecture, ocean engineering and mechanics cover a wide range of knowledge and emphasizes on both theory and practice. It involves scientific principles, innovation, imagination together with the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, mechanics, oceanography, etc. New concepts, technologies and methodologies on the subject are constantly emerging. Since 2009, the International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics has been providing a valuable learning and mutual exchange opportunity for students to broaden their vision and enrich their experiences.


  In 2017, more than 300 senior undergraduates and graduates from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Egypt and Iran joined the two-week summer school. Participants attended excellent lectures given by 30 distinguished experts and scholars from USA, UK, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Australia and China.


  On the basis on the previous experiences, 2018 Summer School will continue to provide excellent opportunities for students to learn about the latest theories and applications on naval architecture, ocean engineering and mechanics through academic and cultural immersion. A wide range of courses in various disciplines will be provided by the world-class professionals and researchers. In addition, local excursions, cultural activities and field trips are also available to the participants from all around the world.


  II. Date and Venue

  Date: July 29 – August 12, 2018

  Venue: Shanghai Jiaotong University, laboratories, museums, exhibition halls and famous enterprises


  III. Courses and Activities

  Lectures, seminars, posters exhibition, study tour of museums and culture, field trips to research institutions and enterprises, scientific research in the labs under the supervision of professors at SJTU, courses of Chinese culture and Chinese language, etc.


  IV. Professors and Lecturers (Tentative)



  V. Eligibility

  PhDs and masters who are interested in the theories and applications of naval architecture, ocean engineering and mechanics, and senior undergraduates who are interested in pursuing degree at SJTU.


  VI. Fees and Scholarship

  1.Tuition: waiver 


  Type A: RMB 4,000 per student (Quantity: 3 students)

  Type B: RMB 2,000 per student (Quantity: 6 students)

  Type C: RMB 1,000 per student (Quantity: 9 students)

  3.Accommodation for international students: Double Room RMB 50-60/day; Single Room: RMB 80-110/day.

  4. Transportation: The round-trip train fare & international airfare shall be covered by each participant.


  VII. Application

  If you are interested, please apply on

  Deadline: July 1, 2018

  Contact: Ms. Li and Ms. Gao


  Tel: +86 21 34206200/34206194


 Agenda (Tentative) 

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